Ji Yeon is beautiful hospitalized

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  • Although injured bedridden but Rian - Ji Yeon's character in "Dream High 2" - still appear with dark eyes who eye liner.

    Ji Yeon in the hospital but still makeup.
    In Episode 9 Dream High 2 aired on 27/2, Rian was hospitalized in a state of emergency because of ... ball hit in the head. After treatment and a long sleep in the hospital, the new Rian and clear wake up tired.However, the face of this lovely girl makeup intact layer making it the subject of rumors after the film aired.
    "Ji Yeon better looking without eyeliner. But she's always very thick paint. It should in her makeup to be changed to suit the circumstances", "I know she is a home star idol but this makeup is too much for a high school student "... are some comments that netizens for T-ara member.
    Known as High School Musical in Korea, Dream High drama is narrated to her students on the path you follow my dream. Film received special attention of young audiences by staging it brings together a star idol "epic" with the likes of T-ara Ji Yeon, Jin Woon of 2AM, and Kang Sistar Hyorin of Sora.
    The final episode of Dream High 2 will air on 20/3.
    Ji Yeon images with face makeup to be hospitalized.


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