Robot Obeys to Commands and Gestures

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  • Saturday, March 17, 2012
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    Robot Obeys
    At the CeBIT in Hanover, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the FZI Research Center for Information Technology will present innovations for our everyday life in the future. At the joint stand G33 in hall 26, a humanoid kitchen robot will move around. The FZI House of Living Labs will present the interactive HoLLiE service robot and solutions for intelligent energy management.

    ARMAR Robot Learns by Watching

    A robot helping in the household no longer is a dream of the future. ARMAR, the humanoid robot, can understand commands and execute them independently. For instance, it gets the milk out of the fridge. Thanks to cameras and sensors, it orients itself in the room, recognizes objects, and grasps them with the necessary sensitivity. Additionally, it reacts to gestures and learns by watching a human colleague how to empty a dishwasher or clean the counter.

    Thus, it adapts naturally to our environment. At the CeBIT, ARMAR will show how it moves between a refrigerator, counter, and dishwasher.


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