Windows 8 Beta released with many new improvements

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  • Thursday, March 1, 2012
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  • Windows 8 Beta more integrated Internet utilities, warehouses Windows applications Metro Store and very good-looking interface.

    Windows 8 can support both mice and keyboards as well as sensors.
    Yesterday (29/2), Microsoft has officially introduced to the user and to download the Consumer Preview widely (also known as beta) of the operating system Windows 8, in the framework of the conference held in Barcelona MWC 2012 .
    In addition to the features have been introduced earlier as Metro-friendly interface, compatibility with both PC devices using Intel chips and traditional ARM platform (such as the smartphone or tablet), users also made familiar with some new features.
    Features that many people find most attractive on Windows 8 is probably the App Store Windows Store.With this application store, PC users will also have the opportunity to find suitable applications as well as the interests of the self that were previously only available on the smartphone or tablet.
    Desktop interface with the traditional Start button has been eliminated.
    Together, Microsoft and more integrated Internet applications on this operating system as Flirk photo sharing service, SkyDrive 25 GB free to store data or Windows Live. Some new improvements of Windows 8 as the Start Menu no longer the Start button, Internet Explorer 10 and the new copy feature can help users to pause and perform other actions when you want to continue copying.
    Good news for the believers of Windows 8 is Steven Sinofsky himself - only president of the Microsoft Window announced all the software works on Windows 7 can be fully compatible with Windows 8 Beta.  
    You can download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (32 bit) in here .
    Metro form interface startup (boot using the application).
    OS 10 with Internet Explorer navigation bar below the tap is shown as thumbnails above.
    Solitare game tradition.
    The installation of individual users.
    Bing Map application.
    Weather applications.
    Introduction Video Windows 8 of Consumer Preview.


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