The dethroned beauty queen of the 21st century

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  • Thursday, April 26, 2012
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  • With the competition being the organizers of Miss Universe crown stripped Dominica declared yesterday (25/4), Carlina Duran had become pretty sticky first scandal in 2012.

    The same "roll" the names had been dethroned in recent years.
    Dominican Miss Universe 2012 - Carlina Duran
    Miss throne then be awarded to a runner Dulcita Lieggi Francisco (right)
    Carlina Duran stripped crown just a week after his coronation and lost the right to represent the country competing in the Miss Universe 2012. The beautiful 25 year old from La Vega is found to have a life husband (divorced). 1st Runner Dulcita Lieggi Francisco was selected as a replacement, and yesterday (25/4), the Miss Universe organization Dominica also held a ceremony honoring her.
    Reportedly, prior to the Miss Universe contest Dominica, Carlina Duran each contest Tourism Queen International held in China last year. Also in 2011, she was voted Global Beauties on the top 3 sexiest Miss World.
    Miss Mexico 2010 - Cynthia de la Vega
    Three months before flying to London (England) to attend the Miss World 2011 first runner of the competition Miss Mexico 2010 suddenly deprived of the crown on the grounds that lack of discipline, lack of responsibility. Specific reason given is that BTC Cynthia de la Vega did not stay in shape, dramatic weight gain. Extremely tough decision of BTC Miss Mexico was made ​​19 years old girl is very frustrating and unfair to her. BTC asked her to lose weight, while not a nutritionist to help her.
    Whatever the reason for Cynthia has dethroned the "lãng" like, but BTC decision without mercy.
    Miss Philippines 2010 - Maria Venus Raj
    In this contest, Maria Venus Raj not only won the highest throne but also won two more minor league, including Miss Amity and Miss wearing the most beautiful evening gown. However, less than a month later, a beautiful crown must also return to reason when declaring false exam registration records.Specifically, Maria Venus Raj was born in Qatar, not in Camarines Sur, Philippines as she wrote in the record.
    Opportunity Miss Universe contest that year given to Helen Nicolette Henson 2nd runner-runner by a 17 years old, not eligible to compete.
    Miss World Bolivia 2010 - Maria Teresa
    Although each country represented Bolivia attended the Miss World 2010, but to 2/2011, Maria Teresa was dethroned for failing to fulfill the responsibilities of a beauty queen, is not party specific an event of national importance - Carnaval and caused uproar with the press service.
    Miss World Singapore 2009 - Ris Low
    Former Miss World Singapore 2009, Ris Low (center) and second runner of the competition
    This is more messy in execution in the history of the pageant of Lion Island. Beauty crowned the highest throne in 2009 Ris Low crown stripped from involvement in stealing credit card, and then diagnosed with a disease related to nerves. 1st runner-up instead appointed to attend the Miss World 2009, but her shift with back pain reasons, can not stand still. Finally, the second runner who is reluctant choice, however, she could not get the support of people in the country.
    Miss California 2009 - Carrie Prejean
    After Miss California, Carrie Prejean continue to participate in Miss America 2009. However, she not only failed in this competition but also for the audience boo when the answer she was the behavior of ridiculing gay marriage. Some time later, Carrie Prejean is always deprived of the title Miss California for breach of contract signed with the organizers, often absent at the event as a beauty queen.
    Miss "Mi nhon" Puerto Rico 2008 - Keshila Villafane Rivera
    Beautiful people are "claiming" the title information after allegations she has made a threat to the lives of members of BTC competition.
    Miss Korea 2008 - Kim Hee Kyung
    A picture of "cool" by Kim Hee Kyung released to the network
    Two days after his coronation, hot photos of Kim Hee Kyung suddenly released to bring the online community makes very angry. A wave of beautiful people, 23 protests broke out, prompting organizers to have the contest immediately. After 4 days of investigation, the MOF has decided to strip the crown and the title of Kim Hee Kyung. The beautiful voice then said that this is a decision too heavy for her, she is bored and frustrated.
    Miss England 2006 - Danielle Lloyd
    Danielle Lloyd stripped of crown for taking nude photos for Playboy magazine
    Danielle Lloyd stripped crowning in May 11/2006 because of scandals photographed nude for Playboy magazine and openly in love with a member jury that year before the contest - players Teddy Sheringham .
    Notice dethroned be posted on the website of the Miss England with the following contents: "Do statements about the relationship of Danielle Lloyd and Teddy Sheringham in the press, along with the decision will be photographed nude Danielle Lloyd's body for Playboy, we are sad to announce that the title of Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd in 2006 will be canceled immediately. We're sorry, but this is necessary. And we would like to send Danielle Lloyd Best wishes ".


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