Ly Nha Ky solid diamonds show more than 10 billion

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  • Wednesday, April 25, 2012
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  • After the wedding photo scandal revealed in 2000, the beautiful "reverse wind" appear somewhat less bright than the diamond exhibition in HCM City, after his trip to promote tourism in Hong Kong long day and the Philippines.

    Are landing at the airport after a long day of promoting tourism in Hong Kong and the Philippines, Ly Nha Ky hurry-up to appear in the exhibition of their diamonds.Dense schedule that women could not hide Ambassador tired face.
    She shared her spirit was more stable after the scandal " Suddenly her husband "but inside they still feel very sad that harsh opinion. Constantly having to sit on a plane, staying up late, get up early making her into a state of severe sleep deprivation.Therefore spirit of the beautiful colors less bright than usual.
    Ly Nha Ky makeup gently but still very attractive. She was commended younger on screen. The actress also very open and talk to people, the other with a puzzled look nearly as common. Diamond Jewelry set her serpent to attract all eyes.
    Ly Nha Ky wear jewelry raw solid form: from necklaces, to earrings, rings, bracelets of her new designs, from very fine white and blue diamonds.
    Jewelry collection brings the elegance, the beautiful noble. She joked that her mother was born billionaire compliment to wear diamonds.
    Beauty posing before the mirror.
    Ly Nha Ky this time busy with Ambassador Travel and business should not arrange her time filming despite numerous invitations.
    Diamond exhibition of Ly Nha Ky has the presence of his mother, and adopted from Hong Kong to.
    Close serpent bracelet crafted of Ly Nha Ky is made from white and blue diamonds.
    Each beautiful hand wearing a different ring serpentine. When asked the price of this jewelry Ly Nha Ky refused to answer because she feared the reputation of the show.
    She refused to disclose certain specific price shock lest people that just say that this solid set of her jewelry at above 10 billion.


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