Victoria Beckham arrived in Beijing to introduce their car design

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  • Thursday, April 26, 2012
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  • In his role as interior designer for models of Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, former Spice Girls singer appeared and became the center of attention at a car exhibition in Beijing in 2012.

    Range Rover Victoria Beckham Evoque version dark gray exterior with a glossy black paint details like 20-inch wheels and rims gold plated round grill. The interior was designed by former Spice Girls member, with classic inspiration expressed through details like the leather seats are stitched with sharp lines, leather door panels, floor mats with fiber feathers, a few aluminum accents and a gold plated details.
    Vehicles will be produced only 200 units worldwide, with the lowest price is $ 128,600. When buying a car, customers will receive a set of 4 pcs luggage bag, user manual hand-stitched leather signed by Victoria Beckham. In addition to changes in design, this special version is equipped with 2 liter engine capacity of 240 horsepower as the Range Rover Evoque version standards.
    Victoria Beckham named her the car.
    Besides the star cult in the entertainment world is Victoria Beckham, Beijing Car Exhibition 2012 has the appearance of models, actors names in the entertainment industry in China. Among them, the actress known as "bad girl" Can Lo Lo once again shocked when the two outfits can not be more open, showing much skin. In addition, we can not mention names like supermodels Li doll face suspension or "beauty of the United flanges" Willow Rock.
    The actress was nicknamed "bad girl" of the Chinese entertainment industry causing eyestrain Lo Lo Can visitors with two economical fabric outfit. According to a source from the organizers, Lo Lo Can tasks in this exhibition is simply to pose several types of images taken at several locations, and then pocket the million yuan.
    Notably, when next she has a mother (hat) cheers and enthusiastic support for girls.
    Attracting lens reporter no less a supermodel Li suspended. She was prominent in the BMW pavilion with a beautiful body, lovely face with the doll.
    Not only famous for its hot images, her height 177cm model also attention in recent years after a messy affair with the son of actor Jackie Chan.
    "United States of the United flanges" materials in order to appear in Ford's booth in the role model.
    Beijing Exhibition this year is the presence of many beautiful pink ball the other.


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