7 tips to help you stay young and beautiful

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  • 7 tips to help you stay young and beautiful, Beauty, skin care, skin care page, lam dep, bamboo reed, an gi de bamboo reed,Women who also wanted his young and beautiful forever. However, with current trends, women are very busy with work outside the home, family and many other daily tasks that are sometimes neglected to care about themselves.
    Although very busy, however, who also wants to maintain youthful beauty and his know how and just spend some spare time you can make, by a person who only looks bright when have a good health.That is the reason for saying "The beauty of each person from within."
    Use of high-end cosmetics is not the best way to maintain the youth's major parties that compliance with certain principles every day also helps you keep the young and beautiful. Here, let Tapchilamdep.com share some suggestions to help you stay comfortable and full of life.

    1. Ensure daily sleep
    Surely everyone knows the effect of sleep on health and beauty. Therefore, make sleep habits early, especially not to create their own viewing habits of TV programs too late. You should remember that we need at least 7 hours sleep a night. Sleep is the time to restore skin cells.

    2. Rest
    This is extremely important for both mental and physical. When the body is rested, then your skin is much more beautiful.

    3. Skin Care at night
    Make a habit of skin care at night even if you are very tired. You should wash your face clean and apply a layer of cream at night before bed. Ideally, you should do this before going to sleep about an hour moisturizing cream can be absorbed into the skin and does not stick to the pillow.

    4. Relax
    Stress also causes you get older. Let's find out some fun to help you relax. Such as music can bring peace of mind and feeling of well being for the body. Or massage can help relax muscles and reduce stress.

    5. Practice
    You should perform these exercises help the body maintain flexibility, the strong and firmness to the muscles. Not only that a reasonable practice mode also promotes blood circulation and help prevent heart disease. A healthy diet and exercise are two key factors to help you get healthy skin supple and radiant.

    6. Detoxify the body
    Your skin is the tool to reflect the health status obvious. That's why it's sometimes also need to be exclusive with nutritious foods to help restore health and eliminate toxins.

    7. Skin Protection
    Protect your skin while out in the sun. Never allowed to forget to wear sunglasses, because the glass to help you fight the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. In addition, the glass also helps you avoid the sun shone on the skin.


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