8 beauty secrets of Japanese women

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  • 8 beauty secrets of Japanese women, Beauty, skin care, skin care, beauty secrets, Japanese women, three,Soft white skin ... are the hallmarks of Japanese women. So what has helped them get "dominated" him? That's partly because they have beautiful traditional methods saving the health and safety and effective aesthetic. We'll reference methods beauty of a plug:

    1. Wash your face with Japanese rice wine
    Method: After bleaching or just waking up, wash thoroughly with water, then a small amount of rice wine to dissolve in warm water, the mixture was used for washing, combined with a gentle face massage .
    Effect: This method helps to accelerate blood circulation and prevent skin aging, and the alcohol molecules will "penetrate" to make the pores of the skin, cleansing the dirt, keeping the skin is always bright Fine.

    2. Wash your face with salt
    Although this method is not new, but mixing a mixture of water to wash their worth our attention.
    Method: Do not put salt in cold water for washing which is for a small amount of salt in your hand, then pour a little more warm water to dissolve salt, then rub all over face and neck in a circle.
    Effect: Salt bactericidal and disinfecting high, so it will "eliminate" the nature of dirt, slime still clinging to the pores, leaving skin becomes clear and firm.

    3. Mask with tofu
    Method: Make puree tofu mixture was taken up on your face. Note, could face up directly to the skin but best to cover a thin layer of cloth before the meeting to prevent water flowing from each tofu. For about 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
    Also, can be added to the mixture as smooth tofu was a bit of my dough or honey to enhance beauty.
    Effect: Tofu effect additional water needed and help purify the skin. Honey and wheat adds to the smooth and shine to the skin.

    4. Bathroom with lemon juice
    Method: Injection lemon water, mix them in the bath with the appropriate amount to toothpicks.
    Effect: Vitamin C in lemon stimulates the capillaries in the skin, accelerate blood circulation, both healthy, both beautiful effect.
    In addition, green tea regularly can add lemon juice or more orange aloe water route (the medicines) will help your skin more white light.

    5. Bathing with milk
    Method: For a fresh milk mixed in warm water, add some honey, you have to own a beauty secrets efficiency.
    Effect: This method improves the metabolic function of the skin, moisturizing the skin and effectively treat dry, flaking skin in dry weather.

    6. Beauty with orange peel, tangerine
    Method: Orange peel, dried tangerine, when bathing, for dry skin that number on a small cotton bag then soak in a hot tub for about 10-15 minutes to bathing.
    Effect: This method is particularly effective in winter and those who suffer from cold limbs. By orange peel, citrus oils that contain more smooth skin, and works effectively to keep warm.

    7. Beauty by radish
    Method: Cut the beets into thin slices and then dried. When bathing, dry the beets into cloth bags, soak in the bath (hot water) for 15-20 minutes and then shower. This method also works to keep the body warm.
    In addition, beet juice before a meal is effective to reduce fat without the need to restrict the amount of food.

    8. Bath with green tea leaves
    How: Green tea leaves can be boiled, or used for residues in green tea bags, then soak in the bath tub, bath, and then wait about 50-10 minutes.
    Effect: The aroma released from tea leaves makes you forget about tiredness, blood circulation, creating a pleasant, relaxed.


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