American men are 'refreshed' to Save Thi Thi

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  • Tuesday, February 28, 2012
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  • After Huo Jianhua refused to join the "Great Desert knife," many "pretty boy" like Huo Jianhua, Huang Xiaoming, Eddie ... hope the fans are present in the film.

    Linh Linh will play the female lead.
    After Huo Jianhua fine men "left end clothing" to take on the role of Commander Ho pulse Guenta (version Vu Main), the position he left in the Great Desert knife is the focal point number one. The manufacturer unveiled the Thai Art and Agriculture of the actor that caused a situation where extreme curiosity and positive "zoning" the object "suspicious". Of course, they are all fine actor perfect beauty of the United language screen.
    As soon as information about Huo Jianhua presence can not be published, Technology and Agriculture Thai manufacturers have rapidly developed a backup plan. However, Thai Art and Agriculture only disclose simple: "It is not a new face. This actor is a star handsome and a good height."
    From the information that short, fans were quickly put down a list of possible actors starred in films such as Chen, Huang Xiaoming, Han Liang Chung or Eddie. In addition, the move to reassure fans of Thai producers farming are stocky confirmed: " Great opening knife will be respected as the original max on film. "
    Huang Xiaoming.
    Chung Han Liang.
    Hu Ge.
    However, this statement leads to two sets of public opinion. An enthusiastic party supporters when that ends in the story is so compelling. Left parties want to make Tang knife Great Desert TV version "Please add billions more."
    Moreover, Thai manufacturers Agriculture Art also added that the context for the Great Desert knife this time will be elaborately staged and beautifully, to avoid committing malpractice as the divisions of the mindbefore. In order not to repeat the scene, regrettably, this maker Nong Thai Art for the crew to survey in Ningxia, Yinchuan ... to have a great desert backdrop and honestly as possible.
    Linh Linh's costume in the film.


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