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  • Sunday, February 26, 2012
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  • 3 guys Jae Joong, Yoo Chun, Jun Su seems to "plot" long-term shelter the 7th art, you A!
    These days, a series of challenging information about the crossover into the field of film he JYJ "tiu titled," The fly that fans "could not respond." After bombardment forces display screen with brainchild The Day , the trio Kim Jae Joong , Park Yoo Chun , Kim Jun Su continued, "similar plan design achievements," split squad to fight the odd film projects every other crisis.

    Warrior of the first match is the "extended" Park Yoo Chun . After decent pocket experience "combat" with two major roles in the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010), Miss Ripley (2011), this "fine men their Park "confident re-export the same project Wanderer" hiding ball "SBS - Rooftop Prince .

    Park's next role is the character Yoo Chun Lee Gak - Chosun prince

    Characters Yoo Chun assumed the attic Prince is Lee Gak - the Chosun dynasty prince. 're In the mood for pain, melancholy death of his fiancée ( Han Ji Min ), Lee Gak unexpected holes to slip into time, lost to the 21st century Seoul. Bad bad sample because of crying scene "bizarre" around, the more ancient prince more shocked when touching the girl looks identical to the loss of love.

    Park Yoo Chun - Han Ji Min

    Circumstances "frequently not" weird made ​​a difference to project dramas "half season" is between the times of "crowded" on the small screen. In the journey "act" explore their future lives, Park Yoo Chunpromising comedy talent show "hard support" .

    Prince and his promises more dedicated audience laugh-fall-seat screen

    "Director" Jae Joong about a career change ... "Admiral"

    It is known that the context of the Time Slip Dr.Jin place in the Chosun Dynasty around 1860. Appears next to actor Song Seung Hun , Jae Joong will play the heroic Army General Kim Kyung Tak - a brilliant character of the royal army.

    Glean information about new projects Jae Joong , fans surprising to discover that Dr. Time Slip. Jin is actually a version ... reverse Rooftop Prince . In this work, the main character will also travel through time but is from the modern to the past. If nothing changes, the audience will face in the presence of AdmiralKim Kyung Tak ( Jae Joong ) on MBC from mid-2012.

    Fanart work portrays Admiral Kim Kyung Tak (Jae Joong)

    As for Kim Jun Su , conquer strategy Saturday art of this he seemed quite cautious. Previously, each with a private corridor for that "golden voice of JYJ "will rub shoulders with the sister with C-Jes Entertainment - Song Ji Hyo - in movie projects Jackal is Coming .

    Collaborative project between Jun Su - Ji Hyo is really just ... canard

    No time to celebrate, fans of the guy immediately be "intense cold water" when the management company flatly denied: "It is true that Jun Su had a meeting with the production team Jackal is Coming , but it does not mean he will appear in this film works. Time he is actively choose a more suitable script.I hope you will support Jun Su as an actor. "

    Jun Su denied "Jackal is Coming" to find a more suitable script

    With the "move" clearly ambitious "cross-stone courtyard," in 2012, the guy JYJ clearly seen that movie realm to reach mainstream audiences. Good 3 "multi-idol" Jae Joong , Yoo Chun , Jun Su will reap as much success with his plan to conquer!


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