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  • Wednesday, February 29, 2012
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  • New single life back a short time, supermodel from Germany was quick to get used to each day warming by the extravagant party, luxury.

    Which is exciting, dynamic story should break up with "monster" after years of sticking Seal can not drown Heidi Klum in sadness, sorrow. Only a few days after the statement went separate ways in January 1/2012, Heidi had hair down, and often have fun at the cult of the entertainment industry. Of course, she will not ignore celebrate Oscar party held by Elton John in Beverly Hills the night 26/2 last.
    Do not know if it's because the minutes were ivory drunk or high mood, impulsivity, Heidi is her enticement supermodel Bar Refaeli hot pictures "monstrous" type "I touched her buttocks, she patted my butt."
    Minute improvisation is part of the momentum of Heidi and Bar.
    Germany rose the yellow mini-skirt, the front is fairly open secret, but showing the whole array back curvy supermodel worthy. She combined with nude colored shoes by Christian Louboutin gold toe outfit that became harmonious and extremely luxurious. Meanwhile, also open the back, but the long skirts of the ground bar.
    In addition to this couple jointly, the party also attended by many stars cult, including singer Katy Perry, the Kardashian sisters, spouses star American housewife - Kyle MacLachlan and Desiree Gruber.
    She was stylish and comfortable in the Elton John party.
    According to sources, Elton John party organizations to share the same star has parted lovers. So guests are also very picky and choose carefully. A source told the Daily Mirror said: "The idea is Elton's party held for the new female star to return to single life. He thought that the party is the best way to help them smile again on the lips and a gentleman can find new, more perfect than the former. Last January, he has sought contacts to invite Heidi, Katy and Kim to join his party. "
    Husband and wife Heidi Klum and Seal announced in January broke while Katy Perry decided to give Russell Brand guy from December last year. Kim Kardashian and terminated her marriage to Kris Humphries young players last month 10/2011.
    Breakup of Heidi and Seal make fans extremely surprised and shocked. However, in a recent interview, when asked about the possibility of a reunion, Seal said: "I do not know about that probably will happen. No one said before the future." Heidi also to still wear the wedding ring that she gave in which Seal.
    The naughty pictures of Heidi and friends in the party. She also constantly taking pictures and updates on his personal Twitter.


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