Dynamic 2PM picnic with NEPA

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  • Sunday, February 26, 2012
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  • Fashion brand dedicated to outdoor activities -  NEPA  for the furnace recently broadcast images BST Spring / Summer 2012 with his model is the guy  2PM  youthful and vibrant. Energetic style, very familiar mischief of 6 as he was making new costumes of  NEPA  to become more dynamic and attractive. Images in this promotion,  2PM  have brought enough for the young styles of dress consistent with outdoor activities ranging from sailing, hiking to biking or a small picnic.

    Sulli and Krystal - f (x) gently with flowers on Instyle
    Her two youngest  f (x)  -  Sulli  and  Krystal  has also recently become a model for magazine  Instyle - Korean, Issue 3/2012. Using a variety of flower accents create soothing and soaring, the image brought to stunning feminine tenderness of both. In the photo,  Sulli  and  Krytal  most feminine outfits look bold Spring / Summer clothing and concord, mini dress spread along the other fresh item color tone. Also dropped slightly hair beautiful face very naturally also contributed to her two more attractive you become. 

    Miss A charm on Nylon

    Unlike the gentle image, her romantic of the two  f (x)  on  Instyle Magazine  Nylon  March edition this time to bring readers the seductive shoot but also a very special style by young characterized by four central chic beautiful girl group  Miss A . 

    Images is set in an old room with multi-colored strip lights make the props, the four girls of  Miss A  brief look religious costumes and performed with the design look "pose" sexy.


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