The figures for 'terrorist' on the Oscar red carpet

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  • Monday, February 27, 2012
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  • There was Jennifer Hudson on the body to 165 carat diamond. Chanel needed to 190 hours just to beaded dress up Michelle Williams.

    165 carat diamond is the singer Jennifer Hudson had "jacket" to people. In particular, three bracelet valued at $ 525,000, a $ 300,000 diamond ring and earrings $ 22,750. All are the work of designer Neil Lane.
    8325 dollars is worth the lace dress, open hands full of charm, Dolce & Gabbana is "blond sex bomb" Scarlett Johansson wore in the biggest movie event in this. Scarlett chosen this dress 4 days ago.
    190 is the number of hours the Chanel workers attached to each county's high silk dress Michelle Williams. In addition, the company also took additional 120 hours to tailor and perfect dress.
    Only 37 days after birth to his first son, the beautiful Spanish Penelope Cruz get in shape, confident stride the red carpet.
    16 is the number of layers Hailee Steinfeld lovely legs wearing skirts.
    14.4 cm height shoes Gwyneth Paltrow choice. She dresses the same color light the Calvin Klein.
    7 is the costume stylist Rachel Zoe opted for Anne Hathaway - 2011 Oscar presenters.
    350 is the number of hours a worker completed Givenchy beautiful fairy dress by Cate Blanchett. The dress has chiffon fabric used up 15m and weighs about 3.6 kg.
    64,800 is the number of metal ornament is attached to a dress to wear for the selected Melissa Leo Oscars 2011. This was also the year she won theactress best for her role in the movie The Fighter.


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