Scoring make up the stars on the Oscar red carpet

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  • Monday, February 27, 2012
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  • Coming to the Oscars 84th time, the fine is not only beautiful but also match the dress is very eye makeup. It seems the trend this year is the makeup of stars gently with nude lipstick and pale colors.

    Actress Stacy Keibler choose gold-tone metal to shine on Oscar red carpet. No need to eyeliner, she just add mascara eyelashes and polished, then finished with a nude lip color - gentle makeup is perfect
    Shailene Woodley also choose dark colors for eye shadow (dark brown). She created an accent to the eyes by dark mascara to both upper eyelid and lower eyelid, but only her lips pale orange lipstick
    Michelle Williams to create focal points for beautiful lips with pink lip gloss and a little more. The eye makeup is her very gently, do not even use eye shadow
    Attending the Oscars this year with the crew " know-blade Snow Flower "Li is also one of the beauties of the attention on the red carpet by striking makeup
    Ellie Kemper choose the type of drawing cute eyes, borders on the be bold with black lead, while the lower edge is covered with a layer of yellow pollen powder. However, this makeup makes her eyes look smaller
    Often attention with bold style cat's eye, but this time, "Ms. Smith" is very light eye makeup, lips just as the familiar style that we often see
     Actress Rooney Mara, 27, also chose red lipstick like Angelina Jolie, but she does not use lipgloss
    Gwyneth Paltrow both tend to catch-up - chalk powder and lip gloss
    Jennifer Lopez also create accents in your eyes with eyeliner winged-
    Now aged 48 but actress Sandra Bullock is very pretty and young. Blush, lipstick land, black eyes, Sandra Bullock seems to always know how to make yourself stand out while attending the big event
    Just a coincidence, but "black swan" Natalie Portman has chosen makeup similar to Sandra Bullock
    Still-winged eyeliner, but Emma Stone just draw a small and thin, she looks very sharp
    Although classic makeup (using all calm color), but the smoky eyes of Penelope Cruz was the charm, maybe attracted all eyes


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