Jennifer Aniston announced last year married

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  • Monday, February 27, 2012
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  • After all the fuss breakup with Brad Pitt in the newspapers, the star of TV series "Friends" almost very tight-lipped about romance. But recently, she suddenly reveals to float new boyfriend.

    Jennifer Aniston is ready to float with Justin Theroux.
    The Jennifer Aniston dating Justin Theroux come as a surprise. As a general practice closed every film to anyone, Jennifer faced with rumors fake movie real sex, hardly believe she and Justin are really passionate.After that, Jennifer was rumored to be a third party for many years to break the love of Justin. But ultimately, despite the flow of mixed opinion, almost a year back, they can not leave close.
    Couple's financial identity village girl Hollywood even contribute general rice cooking rice, moved to live together under one roof. And recently, just ahead of the Oscars, Jennifer Aniston confessed unexpected end of 2012, their spouses would have to coast. She said Justin Theroux two choices: either proposed and prepared the wedding, or promiscuous, not parted any longer.
    And according to sources, Justin had really intended to enchant your own daughter if he did not openly cuddling Jennifer Aniston when she attended fingerprinted at the Hollywood Fame a few weeks ago.
    They kissed each other publicly in the presence of many fans and family of Jennifer Aniston.
    Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper also quoted that she told friends: "She said:" Later this year I will get married. "". Jennifer herself is also becoming more open when it comes to the relationship with Justin Theroux.In the pre-Oscar party on 23/2 medium and then, she shared the same press that she and Justin increasingly close - especially after they adopted "little pet" is her dog Sophie like boxer-pitbull. Jennifer was laughing when it comes to Sophie: "We often laugh happy. I think of two relations become serious and closer since Sophie appear ... and it was great, I extremely happy. But from now until the end of the year if he does, I will propose termination of active things but can not always be promiscuous. "
    For his part, Justin Theroux seems very easy to get along with family Aniston. When attending events Starred and fingerprinted on the Walk of Fame, Justin girlfriend is sitting next to his father John Aniston and actress chatted very comfortable and friendly.
    In 2005, after breaking up Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston was rumored entangled in the love with the countless men in Hollywood as a comedian or a singer Vince Vaughn John Meyer.


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