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  • Tuesday, February 21, 2012
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  • Appears after the incident scandal dress, the smile of beauty is not as fresh as usual attended the opening ceremony of a new fashion showroom.
    As beautiful people often have charitable and social significance, but, recently the second consecutive Miss caught the bad luck. If Diem Huong misunderstood "problem" for bringing the Christmas tree in the temple, the Mai Phuong Thuy scandal when caught someone trying to release the photos were taken about 4 years ago with the posture pose not good for Vietnamese ao dai.
    Pass the media and the nadir, the two beauties were picking up subsequently appeared in several events with the same looks dashing social activities practical. Last night, appearing at the showroom launch of designer fashion Quynh Paris, the two beauties have received much of the media sought.
    Besides Miss Mai Phuong Thuy, Diem Huong, Truong Nam Thanh supermodels, Thai Ha, Page Chen, Kieu Ngan Truong Vinh, Thanh Truc Queen jewelry ... and many other artists were also present.
    The same view of the new designs of the fashion designer's application Quynh Paris:
    Mai Phuong Thuy Quynh Paris and designers.
    In the red dress - new designs of Quynh Paris, Mai Phuong Thuy more radiant beauty.
    Chen Page increasingly beautiful dress through fashion and style.
    Thai Ha Supermodel
     My Page and Khanh Van
     My Khanh and Thanh Truong Nam
     Supermodel short style features the glamorous gowns.
    Singer A Compliance
     U.S. actor Uyen.


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