Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera with Android on-board

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  • Monday, February 27, 2012
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    Polaroid SC1630
    The prefix “smart-“ is getting popular these days. Developers try to expand the functionality of their products and make them more comfortable, practical and easy to use. That is exactly what Polaroid has done. The device above is practically a smartphone but without the phone. The SC1630 Smart Camera is perhaps the first non-phone device with Android on-board. It offers all the goods of using Android OS but also provides everything you would expect from a digital camera. The device wields a 3X optical zoom and 16 megapixel sensor that has 18 scene modes. On the back there is a 3.2 inch touch-screen display and some standard Android buttons.

    The other features that Smart Camera wields are: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Geo-tagging (so you can track down the location that your photo was taken at), red-eye removal and automatic face and smile detection. Your photos will be stored on a MicroSD card. In addition to these features you will have the access to the android Market so you can edit and upload your photos to the Facebook or Twitter right from your digital camera.


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