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  • Wednesday, February 29, 2012
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  • Confident with the ability to make smart and is now his feminine queen jewelry Thanh Truc funding decisions in 2011 were invited supermodel baking Huu Long body to enjoy.

    Thanh Truc said, because the mother should teach her quite distinctly from the small kitchen and it's about why she decided to roll cake discharge funding is inviting close friends supermodel Huu Long body to enjoy.To make a delicious cake to go through many stages, but the queen did not hesitate jewelry step by step and learn the hand she has done the delicious cake, lovely surprise and of the person you admire.
     On the way to work gear, past stalls selling cards, Thanh Truc advantage of choosing a card dedicated friend.
     Thanh Truc prepared baking policy instrument.
     Decorate the cake was beautiful.
     Delicious cake was formed after a few minutes Thanh Truc female domestic science funding.
     Thanh Truc donated cakes for friends.
     Conversely, you also Huu Long surprise gift for her.
     Sweet moments between Thanh Truc, and Huu Long.
     Images made with the assistance of expert makeup make-up Quan Nguyen. Photo: Chouthai.


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