The standard rules of mix for her "addiction patterns"

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  • Sunday, February 26, 2012
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  • How to mix several patterns on the same outfit that was "standard" children?
    If, as before, fashion basic knowledge that combining many different textures on a glitzy costumes are quite hydrophobic and is thought this has completely changed in recent fashion seasons 1.2, especially from the Spring / Summer 2012. The entire cover design patterns "from head to toe" is now prevalent on the catwalk, the fashionistas would not hesitate to combine all kinds of patterns such as leopard, plaid or floral motifs together , created looks very striking and unique.

    An outfit just mix more trendy patterns, both prominent and personality is something you definitely can not be ignored, right? However, to apply this trend to match is not easy. If you want real style to adorn the Spring / Summer of this trend go with "update" even the most basic rules under the slide!

    Mix patterns identical or similar

    Relatively simple way to you the "whole tree motifs" is selected pants, shirt dresses with identical patterns.You can match the tone of the same color or different colors in harmony. Hint for you Light: natural patterns such as flowers or vegetables are now very popular here!

    You can mix all plants the same kind of pattern like this ...

    ... or more impressive is the second item is the same pattern but different colors. 

    legs and shirt dresses in flower spreading soft material will make you look absolutely feminine. Use the bright tone and add a belt to create pages on costume patterns are clear division peck!

    Use pastel tone colors and soft material makes the mix will also become easier map.

    A simple T-shirt print will play an important role to help outfit ton-sur-ton painting of you in that more glitzy.

    In addition motifs, you can also apply to this mix with plaid item personality. Use bright colors for skirts and jackets with deep color for accessories will make your outfit became harmonious and still outstanding.

    Different patterns but the same color

    Another point to consider when mixing multiple costume patterns that you should find a dominant color for all your items. This mixing creates consistency of color throughout the outfit and keep them from becoming too flashy or glitzy. But if you want your dress fashion look and style they need the ability to map your delicate mix. Remember, the same color does not mean identical, you can create the coincidence between the patterns of the background color of the shirt with pants or skirts or vice versa.

    Two different kinds of patterns but with similar colors, are distributed rationally between motifs and background colors will give you a map so vividly set and unique.

    Feminine and subdued, with blue colors are more prominent part leisurely with red accessories. 

    Or a little naughty with a black-white color and strong patterns, personalities such as leopard and letters. 

    Ke stripes and flowers put together will give you vintage style so young. With the weather a bit chilly, select the mix with a trench coat and ankle boots camel or beige color tone to just keep warm while looking to peck elegance!

    The chic style she loves young, charming, you can choose mix blazer with shorts flower designs mezzanine level. Add a little dusty sandals sunk along with sweat and denim then you'll look like an active where her fashionista here!

    Rules of light-dark color scheme

    Just as we smooth color coordinated outfits, a distribution map in accordance with law bright-dark pattern is always giving outstanding wear performance. The bright colors are on the lower part is dark and vice versa, and if possible, select the item is always the same pattern. If you do not really have the experience or not confident about the ability to mix "tree patterns" of mine, this is the safest way for you.

    Mix the light-dark tone colors opposite each other will create color effects which remain outstanding are pleasing to the eye.

    Using colored clothing will make your prints more distraction than help. 

    Especially get colors white dress along with black or nude will always give you an elegant style and fashion. 

    A true mix of dark skirt concord dot shirts mix with brilliant ball will "turn" you into a momentum tone but her bold personality "chic". 

    Austria come pull guys skinny bright color patterns up to a more dynamic appearance.

    Rules of light-dark nor simply a combination of white and black, but also the coordination between light colors and brightness. You can create your own vintage style mixed with a little preppy youthful style jacket in pale flowers with deep red skirts and Oxford shoes ... 

    ... or subtle, sophisticated with dark leopard coat with a white dress legs in abstract patterns.

    Select the item simply

    Final note many maps as you mix textures is try to choose for themselves the simplest item can, for the vignette "from head to toe" was enough to make you become very prominent then. In addition, it should not wear too much jewelry and accessories should only choose the type of light has the same tone color to your outfit.

    The item be "casual" as mini zuyp, shirts, shirts and jackets ... Simple designs will help dress patterns become more harmonious and more trendy.

    A T-shirt who will be the item that can help you easily create multiple "wings" with the clothes in different patterns.


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