Tango hits 40 million users

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  • Tuesday, February 28, 2012
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    Tango hits 40 million users milestone
    Records are meant to be broken, which is why sporting events have always captivated the world’s imagination, as we are so obsessed with surpassing past greats that we constantly push the boundaries of perfection. Android has just hit 850,000 activations on a daily basis, and here we are with Tango, a free video calling service that is expected to touch and surpass the 40 million user mark in a fortnight’s time. Apart from the jump in Tango members, the service has also seen an increase in user engagement with 44% of users who are currently using the app actively within the last month.

    Tango knows that if they were to maintain this particular momentum, they would have to upgrade their service – and this is exactly what they did by enhancing their video messaging feature. This new enhancement allows users to send a video message without having to place a call in the first place. Running along the same vein as capturing and storing photos, Tango users are now able to send, play and save video messages for repeated perusal after that. Tango has also integrated their service with Weibo, which is actually a mixture of Facebook and Twitter’s features in China that has 250 million users of its own.


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