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    Diff Case for iPhone
    iPhone cases come in different shapes and sizes, and given the number of things we can do on our phone, one size certainly does not fit all. If you are in the market for a multipurpose case, then perhaps the Diff Case could be the case that you are looking for, because based on its design and intended function, it certainly is different (pun intended!) from the rest of the pack!

    First of, the case will come with a privacy cover and a sun shade, which when closed will act as a screen protector to help prevent scratches to your iPhone’s screen. However when open, it can be used to help block the glare from the sun to increase viewability, and also to prevent the person next to you on the bus/train from reading your messages. The case will also sport a bumper to help protect against accidental bumps or drops, along with a hump at the bottom which is supposed to help with the grip of the phone.

    Based on the photo above, you probably noticed that there are various holes in the case, and for photographers, they will probably recognize these holes which will allow the case to be attached to a tripod mount. However those holes can be filled by screwing on a carabiner and key-ring accessory, so you could even hook your phone onto your belt if you choose to. An interesting concept, not the most pretty of iPhone cases we’ve seen so far, but if you think that this will suit your needs, you will be able to place your order via its website for $34.95.


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