First model Thanh Hang depreciation for 'show and imitate'

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  • Friday, March 2, 2012
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  • Imitation dressed up , launching a photo showing excessive, Thanh Hang is humbled his value in the public eye.

    With 1.12 meters long legs, Thanh Hang quickly found its niche and form the village after many years, she still remains the most VEDETTE in fashion shows in the country. The name of Thanh Hang at the present time not only pride for herself but also the admiration of junior litter behind. Pictures of "First foot long" appears on every page magazine with fine words like sexy, sexy, beautiful, charming ... as a symbol of Vietnamese beauty.
    In the last picture made with Sammi Cheng stylist and makeup Trung Dung Phan, the beauty of Thanh Hang also been promoted to the max. Initial delay shirt showing sexy bare shoulders, arms and then to "hold" show within a full circle and finally short pants to reveal Na swallow long legs. However, "the" back of "ridiculous".
    Sitting "fan ball" good at what point?

    Besides the feminine image, Thanh Hang also do not own a few eye-catching plates. While sitting "fan ball" offers a look unsympathetic puppies are short pants that reveal its owner the next three modest. Long legs free man is the strength of the sample belongs to verdette in line, so show off her legs about nothing worth mentioning. The important thing here is that in selecting and styling of the beautiful costumes by considering that in the eyes of the Vietnamese, the coast of the girl is shown in standing, sitting and dressing streak.
    All "fan ball" back to expose the buttocks.
    Considered by many in the industry commented that the personality and professional work, so each product at launch Thanh Hang has its own elaborate owners. But this time the products bearing the shadow a set of "sexual act" is somewhat excessive, unlike her style so far. Apparently the "good bad show hide", but to show people that beauty is not everyone doing it. However, this is not the first incident this year's long legs on the catwalk Vietnamese power. In late February last, Thanh Hang has become a name associated with imitations of designer Ta Nguyen and although only the person responsible for expressing it, but veddette Vietnamese fashion has become the object being "stoned" the most in this scandal.
    Thanh Hang who was "stoned" the most scandal fake.
    For fashion followers, the appearance of a counterfeit product on the catwalk is a taboo and very difficult to accept. Therefore, the appearance of Thanh Hang dress how ever done when drunk proving our fine show of Hollywood Angelina Jolie at Golden Globes 2012, is a huge mistake. Many people love Thanh Hang to defend her when she is not at fault in this case, and she wore it just because "pieces of clothing rice," which, who deserved to be responsible as the one who "copy "Versace gown of brands.
    But besides that, many people also assumed, if the designs Thanh Hang said it was fake and refused to wear it, then things must have been different. It is noteworthy that she did not know until clones skirt press speaking. Error of 29 feet in length incident that is not really know about fashion, though she is working and living in this industry. The updated fashion world and say no to fake is the least that the model needs to know, before heading to the ambition to conquer the fashion world.
    Years ago, when the new long-legged expressed expectations of the public recognition that modeling is a profession, but now, they live in joy by professional catwalk was "making money" thanks to the off open society. However, what profession should cultivate knowledge. If a model does not know the origin and meaning of the product they are dressed, how they afford to honor the beauty of her designs on the floor of the letter T?


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