Kun “One Eye” Camera is novel,cute and impressive

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    Kun “One Eye” Camera
    If you’re a fan of novelty gadgets and devices, you might want to take a look at the Kun “One Eye” Camera, which while novel appears to pack some pretty impressive specs into its 2” wide body. Yes, the image you are looking at above is a camera designed in the shape of a DSLR and could probably pass off as a toy to the uninformed. According to its specs, the “One Eye” camera is reportedly capable of capturing 12MP high quality still images, along with 720p HD video which is recorded at 30fps.

    The camera will also feature a 4x digital zoom (obviously optical zoom is out the window in this case), a 1.5” TFT viewfinder with a 480×240 display resolution and will store the images and videos it captures onto a microSD card with support for up to 64GB. The “One Eye” camera also has the ability to double up as a vehicle recorder camera, thanks to a suction cup mounting bracket and a cigarette socket adapter for your vehicle, along with a motion detection mode that will only trigger recording when something passes by in front of its lens.

    Those are some pretty decent specs for a camera that tiny, not mention it’s pretty cute as well. If you’re interested in getting your hands on the Kun “One Eye” Camera, it is available from Thanko for ¥9,980 (~$120).


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