Windows 8 rumored to arrive this October

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  • Wednesday, March 21, 2012
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    Windows 8 rumored
    We all know that Windows 8 will be arriving at the end of the year, and today it looks like we’ve finally got a better idea of when that will be. Provided that Bloomberg’s sources are correct – the operating system will go on sale around October. Windows 8 is also said to be rolled out on both Intel and ARM devices though it was mentioned that there will be less than 5 ARM devices at its debut, compared to over 40 Intel machines.

    The timing of the release coincides with the holiday season, which Microsoft is hoping to cash in on. After all, who doesn’t want a new tablet or computer as a Christmas present? However, if Microsoft misses the September-October time frame, the iPad won’t have any competition during that period, which could spell disaster for Microsoft.

    According to the report, Microsoft is also said to be hosting an event for industry partners in early April to spell out its release strategy for Windows 8 and to give more details on timing and marketing. As usual, Microsoft declined to comment so we won’t know until April and October rolls around – so until then we’ll just have to sit tight and wait. 


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