Anonymous threats continue to attack China

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  • Wednesday, April 11, 2012
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  • Last week, nearly 500 local government websites in some provinces and large companies in China have been disabled by the infamous hacker group in this world.

    Anonymous is a fear for many governments around the world, especially after hacking group known for the masks this anonymous campaign against poor financial leaders worldwide and policies that restrict the rights of Internet users.
    Last week, China has made them miserable by a large-scale attack, "down" almost 500 websites of provincial governments and large corporations in the most populous country in the world. More dangerous, Pastebin network share, this hacker group posted some e-mail address and personal information collected from hacked Web site.
    However, it seems Anonymous is not intended to stop, when they had just recently sent messages, said China will remain the "prey" of the anonymous group of hackers, they are even close to the larger goal.
    According to Reuter 's , the new attacks of Anonymous are in a long-term campaign, to protest the Chinese government on the policy of restricting the rights of Internet users in this country. While last week's attacks are considered "hits" before the caution on the part of corrupt officials.
    Accordingly, there are about 10-12 members of Anonymous Chinese are ready to take the constant attacks.The timing of the attack was not released, but the group promised that it will happen soon.


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