Aston Martin unveiled the 2012 version of the dragon

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  • Thursday, April 26, 2012
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  • 88 88 Aston Martin Limited Edition Dragon will be presented to users in the world, along with a pre-order service special.

    Beijing Exhibition worthy of a festive occasion for the world car flexing its brand, as well as a stepping stone to the manufacturers aggressively attack the growing Chinese market.
    The luxury car manufacturer has clearly expressed a special interest for this market, when all Rolls-Royce to the Bugatti are "plot" the best car for five limited edition dragon 2012, is considered lucky year and prosperity under the concept of Asians. Recently, manufacturers have a long history of England, Aston Martin, has just unveils Limited Edition version of Dragon 88, in the framework of the Beijing exhibition.
    Attending this exhibition, Aston Martin DBS Volante offers three models, Virage and V8 Vantage coupe S coupe version of Dragon 88, along with the echo of its supercar is One-77 .
    "Dragon Version 88 has show great skills of leading British engineers, the design reflects the language of the oldest Aston Martin brand," said Ulrich Bez - CEO of Aston Martin - said. "We hope China will become one of the most important market, and look forward to sharing the experience of Aston Martin to Chinese customers."
    Meanwhile, Andy Gawthorpe - Global Sales Director of Aston Martin - said, with the appearance of the Dragon series 88 limited edition, pre-order service specifically named "Q by Aston Martin," the network dealer network is expanding (Aston Martin has opened 11 new agents added in 2012), China becomes 3rd largest market for Aston Martin.
    Dragon Version 88 is "plot" from the powerful model, the most prestigious and luxurious of the Aston Martin DBS, Vantage and Virage S. Each of the Dragon 88 Aston Martin are owned custom details such as the dragon in his head, plates engraved with the company's symbol and the words Dragon 88 on the doorstep. Dragon is also the symbol of authority, power and luck, the notion of Asians.
    Particularly, the logo is made of 24 karat gold is attached on the hood and rear, with three options for the interior color is red, plum and brown are the colors commonly used in traditional art Chinese system.


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