Ferrari abandoned still worth half a million euro

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  • Thursday, April 26, 2012
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  • The Ferrari Enzo owned by a British university was abandoned in the Emirate Arab Emirates, after he was bankrupt and fled the country.

    The car must remain faithful recollection is that cars in the super-rare Enzo Ferrari was abandoned in the parking lot, near the Dubai International Airport, is the world's top car simultaneously reported not long ago.
    Enzo covered with a thick layer of dust makes the car feel about playing from laments, because in the eyes of the believers speed, a car to be "symbolic" as Enzo should not be treated as such. The red Enzo, along with 129 other cars will be auctioned on Wednesday (25/4), under the laws of Dubai.
    The owner of Enzo, a British businessman, has fled the country after being involved in a debt due in no small business situation difficult. By law in Dubai, the debt is included in the list of criminal offenses. If arrested, the businessman can be found guilty and stick to imprisonment not less.
    However, by escape of water, he will be English law the protection and avoid prosecution. Officials at Dubai, said Enzo had violated numerous traffic penalty, so they are allowed to confiscate the vehicle.
    20 months after Ferrari abandoned, this car will be auctioned starting at 500,000 Euros.


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