BST ecstasy watching wedding dress by Oscar de la Renta

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  • Friday, April 20, 2012
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  • Besides the traditional dress forms pure white, Oscar de la Renta also introduced some innovative sample wedding dress with bright colors like red, light blue.

    There was not much different from previous collections, remains designs soaring, romantic, but to say that BST 2013 dress by Oscar de la Renta and new young lot. Alternating between long dresses, voluminous skirt traditionally neat, pretty, just like the cocktail dress or skirt look cock-tail normal. Not only that, Oscar de la Renta also impressed his fashion show wedding dress with a pattern of "toxic".This is not a dress, which is an outfit with pants and crop-top shirt. 
     The floating design with fishtail skirt, layered skirt out still dominate
    But mixed with the pristine white color blue is gentle, romantic
    These samples seem very short skirt with the little girl
    Besides, there are sample wedding gowns are designed in the style evening gown, embraces the curves on the body of woman, sexy and feminine
    Oscar de la Renta to choose red opening and ending show an impressive fashion
    But crop-top designs this is the main point for the entire night


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