The collar makes you look more sexy

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  • Thursday, April 26, 2012
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  • Joint crew neck offset shoulder or neck is carved chest to wear styles that will make you look more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

    However, not everyone can dress up with all kinds of collars. When purchasing a shirt or skirt, you should select the type of eye neckline and fit body shape, help you celebrate your strengths and hide the bad points. Choose the wrong collar can make you look fat or skinny than phom real people.
     Even with internal medicine, too, the shape neck tenderness (bared shoulders and upper back) always makes people think of glamor,'s sexiest woman. Those with a small ring can be "friends" with this style, while the fat, broad shoulders should avoid the
    Sexy neck down because it helps you show off the collarbone girl posture and did not pick this shirt wearer. However, people within a short neck to the collar should not regularly pour
    Suit, strapless dresses are extremely picky as the default, if not just with the standard design. Strapless dress can make people look more fat than fat, thin, while the notes turned into a giraffe. However, the small man in a private girls to wear this strapless dress style to add a little height. When the default, you should toss a thin towel or wearing a collar
    Late shoulder collar fit her pear shape with (on small, lower to) and equally sexy, it's like wearing a scarf on the shoulders contingency. However, if within a small or thin neck, you should be added as an accessory strap to or drop the hair down to cover
    V-shaped collar is easy to wear, suitable for all but the cocoon shape of the face.People with long faces should say no to this ancient form. In particular, your designs apple (shoulder width), or active circle should wear V-neck to improve the defects
    If not ranked, ancient carved chest is probably the most sexy. You could not have this dress in the style all occasions since it was too daring, sometimes accused of being revealing. Please select a tight dress for a romantic evening appointment or a luxurious banquet. With a neck carved designs, the focus will be the next one, so if a modest round, you should not choose this ancient style
    Offset shoulder collar designs (also known as asymmetric neck) help girls show off slim shoulders, especially double clavicle sexy woman. However, you have to posture, shoulder "muscle" type collar is not recommended because it will only reveal weaknesses in your body only
    The small chest she should "stick" with crew neck style because it helps you overcome this disadvantage. Select internal medicine neck strap wearing collar as the boat will make you more sexy


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