Yellow Sea warm launch students face in 2012

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  • Thursday, April 26, 2012
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  • Singer Hoang Hai, director Do Thanh Hai, artist Huong Dung was in the stadium of Hai Phong People-founded University to talk, cultural exchange with the young.

    During the contest launched Facelook - face students in 2012 took place the morning of 25/4 at the University of Haiphong People, the students had the opportunity to meet many famous artists. In particular, the singer Hoang Hai was received much more attention. Young singer attended the launching ceremony Facelook 2012 as ambassador, accompanies the competition.
    In addition, the director Do Thanh Hai will be the sitting position and head judge Dung artist Huong is one of those in need ink for the contest came looking for talented students, the beauty of students Vietnam.
    In 2012, Facelook  start with a slogan: "Whether you are male or female, even if you do not have the height and the ideal body measurements, you can still shines confidence." Each week the organizers will select the 10-15 most impressive face in a newspaper Vietnam Student readers to vote.
    Candidates selected will attend their talent before the judges are journalists, actors, director, singer, songwriter, MC, model credibility. This is a real opportunity for talented students, to express themselves confidently. Through the round type, and you will be acting director Do Thanh Hai opted VTV video films. You have talent on the catwalk will be a reputable company training model. You will be gifted MC to try on a television channel for young people. The modeling skills you will have the opportunity to image a model image for the newspaper for the age group of students ...
    Even in the launching ceremony, a large number of students from Hai Phong to attend and register at the playground tested Facelook.  After the launching ceremony in the city of Hoa Phuong, Facelook will proceed in many provinces the country, promises to attract a large number of students participating.
    Some pictures of the launching ceremony Facelook 2012:
    The singer is the young Yellow Sea warm welcome.
    Familiar female artists on the small screen right direction.
    The artist autograph fan.
    Students face in 2011 Ngo Tuyet Mai is also present at the launching ceremony.


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