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  • Miss Mai Phuong Thuy had spent 315 million to own the brand Elie Saab dress patterns for occurrences in the event of her boyfriend last month 3/2012.

    The "dominant player" or make a special highlight of the event, or simply to meet the needs beauty for themselves, for those around you; many beautiful people did not regret the money spent hundreds million to own lavish gowns.
    Gourmet map name in Vietnam already too familiar with the bear's Miss Mai Phuong Thuy to performance luxury items. But not from the pagan world was startled when he was informed Miss spent 2006 to 315 million for the expensive dress Elie Saab for the effect to appear at an event which took place in March. To show the most striking beauty in expensive staging of Miss Thuy Dung, Hoang Yen runner, beauty queen and supermodel Diem Huong Ngoc Quyen; Miss Mai Phuong Thuy is not afraid to spend their own money to buy a dress iridescent effect lamé party that night her boyfriend as "XI". Indeed, worthy of the "play to" the beauty, splendor of dress rips Mai Phuong Thuy has extra strength to beat all of the guests dress in the event of stylish, sophisticated and very touching eyes smoking.
    Of course, not only Miss Mai Phuong Thuy has something new for themselves the right to play into that. The number of Vietnamese favorite star dressing branded goods more expensive still increasing every day.
    Same price point super expensive dresses of stars Vietnam:
    Mai Phuong Thuy in Elie Saab dress performance contract worth 315 million
    Ngoc Oanh runner is a beauty in the birth of famous brand. She has shown convincing fashion sense in the Talbot effect Runhof skirt worth 83 million dong.
    Ngoc Oanh in a Vera Wang skirt effect worth $ 30 million
    To appear in party nights of fashion magazines in the mid-year, Truong Ngoc Anh actor buyout Jenny Packham dress brand worth nearly 70 million control
    After some time, she also purchase additional dress of a fashion brand for $ 89 million
    Her mother was a popular stylish skirts this performance to a level identical to buy more, just another color (red) when participating in an event some time. It is known outside the UK fashion brand - Jenny Packham, she was very popular brand Escada dress - with high rates of no less
    No less competitive sister Truong Ngoc Anh, Linh Russian dancers who give small amounts of money not to adorn the body shape
    The dress she wore when participating in the concert late last year LUALA concert are priced 90 million. Jenny Packham dress effect.
    One other effect Elie Saab dress. This dress had been sold in a shop on Ly Thai To 99.75 million contract prices
    Soviet soldiers in the sample spring summer dresses bearing motifs are priced 108 million
    In the field of music, diva Hong Nhung is known as a faithful performance of fashion goods. Chest stylish strapless gown carrying material she is wearing different purchase prices were expensive. Talbot effect Runof skirt reputation.
    To suit the musical tastes and personality on stage, singer Tung Duong had spent 46 million to own a brand Comme des Garcon coat.
    In the latest live show called And I will sing out last week, diva My Linh elevated level in the Talbot effect Runhof dress $ 95 million
    My Linh and a Jenny Packham dress different effect on sale price is 101 million. But know, this skirt both American Spirit are selling a professional performance, not funded buyout as other stars


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