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  • Wednesday, April 25, 2012
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  • Austrian couple certainly no stranger to the young, but sometimes swimming costumes are not many of you probably think of.

    Of course, sometimes swimsuit can not be 100% same as normal clothes sometimes, but similar patterns are enough to let people see you as a couple. And just to purchase a pair, you can use it during the summer.
    The bright colors, brilliant as always very popular at sea, especially with your favorite photo pose
    If you'd rather not become the focus of attention, and clothing + swimwear "couple" style, fancy motifs as a perfect choice
    Hawaii mischievous sprites also quite interesting
    When choosing a costume couple, horizontal striped pattern is simple but quite easy to wear. It is suitable for both men and women
    The swimsuit models are wearing a jumpsuit or dress the outside, so you can confidently walk around without fear of many people eyeing
    In addition to the lovely couple swimsuit model girlfriend can also choose for himself the other suit, very catchy
    Dress + pink skirt black borders elegant pool, will cause more sweet her lethargy
    It new swimsuit designs are very attractive, but probably only the bold dare she wear this style
    If you prefer privacy, you can select girls associated body shape or dress shirt to swim. Dot ball pattern also remains one of this summer
    While costumes are treated as dirt shrugged one fashion trend "hot" in the year, then a flap drooping swimwear lovely girlfriend is worth to the investor. You can see other samples in


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