Free Virus Removal Tool for Macs

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  • Thursday, April 19, 2012
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  • Bkav network security company has released a free anti-virus tools Flashback, the virus is spreading worldwide, targeting Apple's Mac computers.
    Flashback is a trojan virus fake update of Adobe Flash Player. Hackers tricked Mac users by encouraging them to download a "new version of the Adobe Flash Player", but actually a trojan download. When infecting computer users, Flashback steal passwords and information of the account on the machine such as credit cards, email ..., connect into botnets and orders of the hacker through C & C server (server controls ).
    Flashback attack vulnerability on Mac OS X operating system of Apple, which also means that almost all current Macintosh computers such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air ... are likely to be exploited by this virus. According to statistics, currently has over 600,000 Mac computers worldwide infected with Trojan Flashback. In Vietnam, the current line of Mac computers are popular, the risk is very high Flashback sticky traps.


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