Google to buy Motorola to create the 'iPhone' own

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  • Thursday, April 19, 2012
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  • The world's largest Internet companies to learn from Apple's strategy, produce synchronous hardware with software to create the perfect mobile device like iPhone.

    After spending $ 12 billion mountain of money to acquire Motorola Mobility , Google did not hesitate to announce to the media, partners and shareholders that the deal that is aimed at 17 000 of its patents.
    The announcements that make people believe that it would soon sell an array of Motorola hardware manufacturers, after such "shield" for Android is firmly patents mentioned above. Recently, the world's websites are constantly appearing for that information, Google will "transfer" the hardware manufacturer of mobile devices the most ancient world to the Chinese people. Objects are referred to here as Huawei - telecommunications corporations multinational capital has made a few more names in the production of mobile devices.
    However, in an interview with reporters of Business Insider, an unnamed official Google project - Motorola has revealed, the company is headquartered in Mountain View did not intend to resell Motorola that will use it as a part of hardware manufacturers, in order to create a "Google's own iPhone."
    Purpose for which giants such as Google aims to create a larger ecosystem, unity between the hardware and software, similar to the way Apple is doing. Before that, the smartphone's Google-branded Nexus are provided by a hardware manufacturer Tuesday (HTC and Samsung).
    Answered questions of journalists, a spokesman for Google declined to comment on the incident. He said the deal between Google and Motorola has not officially completed, so the two companies are still operating as two independent individuals.  


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