iPhone, the new MacBook will be made from 'liquid metal'

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  • Wednesday, April 25, 2012
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  • The material called Liquidmetal has the advantage of strong and lightweight, feels smooth as water.

    Liquidmetal, or Vitreloy, is the commercial name of an alloy with amorphous structure by the California Institute of Technology to research and manufacture. The environmental conditions generally, Liquidmetal not only liquid, but also very solid, with many important features such as hard distortion, high hardness, corrosion resistant and extremely good. At high temperatures, this alloy is easy to work, so it has been applied in the manufacturing technology meter long.
    In the field of mobile device manufacturers, manufacturers do not think this kind of advanced materials.However, Apple has been traditionally create breakthrough products. With his vision, the company has acquired extravagant production Liquidmetal technology since 2010 and analysts said that 2012 is the time could not be more appropriate to "apple defect" using this technology on their products.
    Related to the MacBook, the analysts also predict most likely Apple will launch a whole new generation MacBook in early third quarter of this year, combining the power of the MacBook Pro and ultra slim design of the MacBook Air .
    However, Apple would consider death MacBoook 17 inch line is too low due to sales, only 50,000 units per quarter. Meanwhile, the "apple defect" has sold a total of 1.2 million units 13 and 15 inch size, and 1.2 million MacBook Air.


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