iPod Touch will use the chip A5x

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  • Wednesday, April 11, 2012
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  • Do not exclude the possibility, iPhone 5 will also be equipped with the new chip to increase performance graphics processor.

    Quoting a source close, 9to5Mac says the 6th generation iPod will be equipped with chips that A5x "apple defects" recently released on the new iPad . However, this chip will be designed A5x slightly different than the iPad, more consistent with a smaller device such as iPod Touch.
    Since 2009, when the iPhone is booming as the kite meet wind, the iPod started showing signs of decline in market share. That led many to believe that Apple will soon death capital product line sales reached 320 million units this terrible. However, recent signs that Apple is giving up equipment market personal multimedia, where they still hold the number one spot.
    In his debut in 2011, design and configuration of the iPod Touch remains the same, just a little bit about software upgrades and add the white version. Therefore, the improvements on the new iPod is necessary to increase the graphics processor (GPU chip A5x have 4 cores), in direct competition with hand-held gaming devices other.


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