Korean test robotic monitoring prison

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  • Thursday, April 19, 2012
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  • Hàn Quốc thử nghiệm robot giám sát trại giam

    The robots are programmed to monitor, detect abnormal behavior of prisoners and send feedback to the control center.

    Clip robot was tested in prison in South Korea.
    Three robots are being tested in prison in the city of Pohang in Korea, Reuters said. The robots are programmed pretty smart, to monitor all activities of inmates. When detecting any unusual behavior of the prisoners as fighting, suicide or arson, it will immediately send information about the central control agency.
    There are about 1.5 meters tall, the robots are testing in Korea are equipped with 3D camera, microphone and speakers. It is not exactly the shape of a human, although there is a department head is considered.
    However, the robots proved extremely intelligent, they can communicate basic information with prison guards. It is driven by detecting sensors mounted on the ceiling. In addition, the power of it down below 20%, the robots will automatically find the nearest charging station. The staff at the prison can also control it via the iPad.
    Testing process will take place within a month, and the value of each robot is $ 300,000 (more than 6 billion).


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