7 features of Windows Phone superior compared to IOS

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  • Ability to multi-task, good contacts and managed to save battery power is a strong point of Windows Phone as compared with the operating system which Apple has been very famous.

    Though not really gained a foothold on the market, undeniable Windows Phone 7 still possesses many unique features that Android and IOS can not be obtained. Unlike many Android features copied from IOS, Windows Phone offers many different points. In some criteria, the mobile operating system Microsoft has much superior to the iPhone operating system - selling mobile device in the world today.
    A. Some applications show better
    The bear is shown at Microsoft's site, they are willing to pay money to develop applications on the Windows 7 operating system. Thus, although there is a huge amount of such applications on the App Store, a number of applications on the Market Place for Quality Microsoft better. Among them, may be mentioned as the name Foursquare (location sharing application), Spotify (online music), Evernote (notes) or social networking applications.
    Two. Integrating multiple social networks
    Own a Windows Mobile 7 application called People, to update any information from popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Instead of having to open each individual application such as the IOS, users can view the entire notice or new friends sharing through these applications.
    3. Better multitasking
    Windows Phone is not a multitasking operating system best, "throne and kingdom" in this area is Android. However, in the management of multiple applications simultaneously, the mobile operating system Microsoft has done better than in IOS.
    4. Live Tile
    If the IOS does not allow setting up the widget on the home screen (shortcut to the application), Windows Phone has a very smart way, which is classified them as the Live Tile. The square block on the screen are arranged in an intuitive way, lively and very nice, allowing users quick access to the necessary applications.
    Five. Contacts have more useful information
    Not only store your name, email or phone number, users Windows Mobile 7 devices can also update a brief list of the email or text message sent to a new address in the phonebook. It's a very handy feature, letting users easily recall the contents of the nearest contact with someone.
    6. Microsoft Office applications built
    This is obvious, because you are using an operating system released by Microsoft, while with the other operating systems, users have to pay for this app to edit the text, if desired. With the iPhone, applications such as Keynote, Pages or Numbers of users are consuming not less than $ 10.
    7. Power save
    Even when running many applications, Windows Mobile 7 is still "eats" batteries less than in IOS or Android. In particular, you do not own the hardware devices is too high to be running smoothly on Windows Phone applications. That is why, of the Lumia of Nokia, despite owning only single-core processing power but not inferior rivals from Apple.


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