'Open' box Nokia Lumia 710 firms in Vietnam

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  • Wednesday, April 11, 2012
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  • Lumia 710 is Windows Mobile phone Nokia's second, after Lumia 800, and a relatively cheap price, only 6.3 million.

    Compared with 800 Lumia, Lumia 710 more compact size, but the plastic lid back of the sense of uncertainty. It also integrates Windows Mobile 7.5 operating system as in Lumia 800. Product comes in two colors white and black on the front, while the cap back up to 5 colors for the user to select.
    Lumia 710 is equipped with single-core processor 1.4 GHz speed, same as Lumia RAM 800. Screen size 3.7 inch WVGA ClearBlack technology, computer memory and not just 8 GB microSD card expansion slot.The rear machine has a 5 megapixel camera. Your phone supports Wi-Fi 801.2 b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1, A-GPS.
    Some pictures of "beat box" Lumia 710 genuine:
    Originally Lumia box 710.
    Machinery and accessories, including headsets, chargers and batteries.
    Lumia 710 black and white.
    Menu interface.
    The ability to surf the web pretty quickly.


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