Most powerful Bugatti Veyron Roadster down the street

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  • Wednesday, April 11, 2012
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  • Recently, the paparazzi were "seized" the precious photos of the Grand Vitesse Sport is a bon bon on the outskirts of France, quite far from Molsheim - Bugatti headquarters.

    Today, a motor show can not be regarded as reputation goes without the presence of a name, it was the Bugatti Veyron. Super car from France is gradually being seen as a benchmark in the super car world village.However, the unexpected Bugatti unveiled Vittese Grand Sport version is still a big surprise by knowing its potential, people still do not believe that SAS can Bgatti launch of a convertible car organic parameters so impressive.
    Considered a car carrying "body" of the Grand Sport, but owns the "soul" of the world record for Super Sport, Grand Vitesse Sport is equipped with engine capacity of 7.9 liter W16 engine produced up to 1,200 horsepower and maximum torque of 1106 lb-ft (1,500 Nm). Thus, this blockbuster is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h in 2.6 seconds before reaching the correct speed of 410 km / h. Vittese own words in the name of this car in French means speed.
    Exhibition at Geneva in 2012 took place last March, the airline also exhibits two Vittese and the notice from the manufacturer, the duo has quickly found its owner the price of not less than 2 million Euro (2.6 million).
    Bugatti said, Vitesse blockbuster Grand Sport will only be produced in the form of orders, enter the correct number of Grand Sport 150 units sold worldwide. There were about 100 and the Grand Sport has found its owner.
    These fundamental changes on the Grand Sport is the Vitssse details improved aerodynamics help it reach a capacity crisis (1,200 horsepower than 1001 horsepower) and speed (410 km / h compared to 350 km / h).
    Inspired by the world record edition Super Sport Roadster supercar is "plot" almost all of the details of carbon fiber, which helps minimize the weight of the vehicle, remove all the super materials light often seen as aluminum or magnesium.
    Hood of the car before being re-designed with identical xenon headlights of the Super Sport version, while the front wind cavity (near grille) much larger than the original. The interior, carbon fiber is still the dominant material, from the center console, door step, while all the other details are high-grade leather.
    But the biggest change on convertible supercars this special edition is the new turbocharger on the engine.Thus, the capacity of the car was pushed to the 1,200 hp, combined with new chassis structure, pushing the tolerance of this blockbuster up outside the imagination of a convertible car (before that, in addition Veyron Grand Sport , not a convertible that reach speeds exceeding 350 km / h, as had never thought to speed 400 km / h as the Vitesse).


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