Trends 'farm goods' of online gaming

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  • Thursday, April 19, 2012
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  • These are effective methods to help reduce the amount of players plowing, balance and tempo brings virtual life in the game a fresher color.

    In recent years, this type of game on the social networking platform grows. Advantages of the game is fun, easy to play, does not require much time and in the absence of recharge, you can still achieve very good results.
    Social networks can develop many different types of games, but now, in the simulation game is that players enjoy the most. In particular, is impressive game farm management, restaurant management or city building ...
    In Vietnam, the movement has developed very quickly, thanks to its ability to link a "domino" of social networking features, with typical titles such as Farmville, Farm Fun, Happy City, Barn Buddy ...
    From social networking to the games 'client'
    Overwhelming success of the game farm has spread to the role-playing game which was named the game "grinding" pure. The game is now updated to add auxiliary systems such as tree planting activities, harvesting, building houses ... next to the main structure of the game.
    Is the most visible demonstration of the role-playing browser game is released today, almost all games will have the feature of cultivation and animal husbandry in many different forms. In particular, the MMO game set also boldly added "agricultural trends" in the game. Pioneering this trend could be the Main Map Free game (CDMP) with a "member page" unique, will be released on 20/4.
    MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game players) in the form of installation, should CDMP has many resources to invest in building systems "Members Page". This system is built so elaborately and carefully cared about design.
    System "members page" in the Main Map Free.
    To build the manor in the game, players will go in order: to build a house in (the foundation), building animal pens, warehouses and reclaimed farm fields around the house, planting a variety of different fruits. Players can participate in activities in my spare time or when you feel a bit tired with the route grinding.
    Foundation to build your manor.
    Main page System Map Free members have close ties with each other and bring great benefit to the player. Through the process of land reclamation and cultivation, players will obtain raw materials to upgrade the manor or supplies, pet. In parallel, animal cages also work converted into a significant amount of experience points without having to spend the time to sit too much grinding. The process of building, clearing or harvesting is shown quite lively and simple.
    A nice house.
    The system also is home to top players to show their individuality. Each person, depending on the tastes and culture of different strategies can build shelters for themselves the different style.
    Splendid villa.
    With unique features of this manor, perhaps more people will change their vision of the role-playing game. It's a world not only exists the concept of plowing time consuming, but you may be experiencing moments of relaxation peace inside his house.


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