Audi confirmed with Ducati acquirer billion

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  • Thursday, April 19, 2012
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  • The money that "Lord Rings" put out to get famous motorcycle brand super Italy is estimated at 1.13 billion.

    The information about the Ducati will soon be under the ownership of the Audi had burst a few weeks ago, but not until yesterday (18/4), maker of the German luxury car will be officially confirmed.
    "Lord of the Rings" say they are looking for ways to complete this transaction as soon as possible. Audi does not release the money they pay for Investindustrial SpA , former owner of Ducati, but geek-chic All told, the two sides agreed transfer fee is Euro 860 million, equivalent to 1.13 billion.
    Comes with official announcement, the president of Audi, Rupert Stadler, also praised the brand that they have ownership, "Ducati is known as a brand produced the world's top motorcycles with traditional production of sports motorcycles quality. Referring to the Ducati, people think of high-performance engine block, hidden in the structures of lightweight materials. That makes owning Ducati always the most profitable in the motorcycle manufacturer. That is why Ducati became the perfect choice for Audi. "
    Despite optimism from senior officials of Audi, analysts said that the acquisition Ducati does not bring any benefits for the luxury car maker in Germany or Volkswagen - Audi's corporate parent.
    Before that, of the opinion that Volkswagen wants to expand its influence more broadly, particularly in the motor manufacturing sector, while the Audi, they will have the opportunity to compete fairly with BMW , is also very strong competitors in the field of motorcycle production.
    When officially belongs to Audi, Ducati will be Tuesday brand from Italy is under the control of VW, along with Lamborghini and Italdesign. Ducati had a very successful 2011 with a total of 42,000 units were sold a car, sales reached 480 million euros (630 million).


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