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  • With a convenient touchscreen, Intel processor and Ivy Bridge New generation full-sized keyboard, ultrabook promises to dominate the mobile market in the near future.

    Around officially introduced from 6/2011, ultrabook bring a new wind notebook market which is showing signs of leveling off with the ultra slim design (less than 20mm), lightweight (under 1.3 kg) and price approximately $ 1,000.
    This product soon receive positive response from users through sleek and powerful processing performance. From the time then, the renowned manufacturers such as Asus, Lenovo, Acer, HP or Dell are in turn release their own products.
    Cove Point ultrabook hybrid form that Intel has just introduced.
    Next was successful when the product line is slowly creating its position, Intel - who gave birth to the concept ultrabook , continue to introduce a concept is said ultrabook second generation, design ultrabook tablet hybrid.
    Designing a hybrid laptop computer table which is not something too strange to users, but the manufacturer has not previously seem to do well the combination of this two-in-one. However, in future, other things may go by with the presence of Intel's processing power of the ultrabook new generation will surely be elevated to new heights.
    Intel has revealed to the user design a hybrid product called Cove Point. The design of this product is quite similar to the conventional tablet (bigger screen) but when necessary, part of the computer screen that slides up to reveal the base full-sized keyboard and trackpad as a notebook normal.
    Configuration, this product will have the processing power is not inferior to the PC with the Ivy Bridge processor chip generation but can still bring the PC experience thanks to a touch screen panel and system Microsoft Windows 8. Moreover, Cove Point is also fully equipped with common connections such as USB 3.0 or HDMI.
    Lenovo Yoga.
    Earlier, at CES 2012, Lenovo introduced the IdeaPad ultrabook Yoga with very smart design. HP owns the multi-function keyboard that can fold back to use as a tablet or as a kick stand to manipulate the touch screen of the machine. When necessary, it can still serve as a regular notebook keyboard.
    The practicalities of these products have not been verified but undeniable, ultrabook new generation will possess advantages superior to what exists on the current market. These comments suggest that optimism, ultrabook is the key to the future of the industry mobile device.
    Clip utrabook trial of Lenovo tablet hybrid.


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