10 ideas for population distribution map nice work

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  • Apparel's summer was the most work is directed to a pencil skirt, shirt, dress or appearance immediately. Here are a few pointers combine the right dress for you.

    If you do not master the rules of distribution map, it's best to coordinate two colors black - white together, just simple, just make sure never be out of fashion
    Innovative vacuum pencil skirt, designed with little spread at the bottom, looking very beautiful and fashionable. Pink and white chalk together fairly food ideas. Shirt designs are very smooth and wide "hot" this summer
    Nude skirt legs crossed design, feeling younger and more attractive to wear
    When combining two dark colors together, you should note one thing: at least one item to have a more prominent to create landmarks (eg neck white lace details)
    The thin fabric, very popular during the summer weather
    Leaf motifs is striking. With a patterned shirt, you should coordinate with sleek dark skirt legs
    Shirt designs can smoothly mix with tight jeans
    Collar Peter Pan is the fad of the year. Vietnamese showbiz beauties like Ho Ngoc Ha, Tang Thanh Ha, Thanh Hang ... are very interested in this fashion


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