Vietnamese beauties of the 'wild' pink

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  • Wednesday, April 11, 2012
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  • The name "crazy" to mention four possible fine of Bao Thy, Trang Nhung, Quynh Nga and her mother a Hien Thuc.

    Red is the color showing the beauty cute, sweet, feminine touch to show the ladies so it was a lot of believers worldwide favorite. 9X While she loves to wear pink candy to show off innocent beauty, her innocence is the first generation 8x life, death is the end to see colors tugged youth.
    Pink brings a feeling of tension overflowing vitality when sneezing to red light helps skin look fresh and beautiful pink and climbing. These are the outstanding features make this color conquered so many fine people. In Vietnamese showbiz also no shortage faces a huge fan of the sweet tones.
    Bao Thy
    As a singer in the teenage music, built a candy image, cute, so the "Princess Bubble" loyal to the red color is also understandable. Bao Thy successful when creating an image object close to fans mostly teen-age girls.Pink is her full utilization at all times, anywhere, from clothing to accessories. Although these combinations sometimes a bit too far but in general, Bao Thy love with the sweet tones.
     Red is the color make your very own imprint since Bao Thy footsteps on the path of music
     On stage or in real life, pink clothing is always a choice of Bao Thy
    With pink gowns, Bao Thy often choose fresh style makeup with pink tones mainstream
    We can say cute beauty of Bao Thy tones are consistent with this
    Hien Thuc
    Implementations are popular among mothers with beautiful entertainment "like sawing horns as lamb". Red color is always a tool for a child of this mother tugged his youth. However, her style is not widely accepted and even considered a "horn" too hands. The garish combination, plus it makes people like the style of reality not at times been brought to by dissection.
     The flashy outfits, especially a mother Rose was utilized
     She also was named the mothers prefer to install it with a massive collection container and most is still pink
     With outfits like this character, realistic still trying to choose a pink mane to add fresh
    But can not deny that, Hien Thuc indeed looks much younger with the sweet tones
    Quynh Nga
    "Princess Crocodile" Quynh Nga also listed are beauties dressed lack of international tastes. Owning a beautiful body, a lovely face Quynh Nga but not fully developed his strengths through clothing. Sometimes the combination of her quite cumbersome and confusing. To add your favorite color pink if not used it very vulnerable to skillfully slug. And so sorry to Quynh Nga no sharp enough in fashion to create a personality for his style.
     Quynh Nga owning a car is cute pink LX
    Quynh Nga was also nice not know the details of abstinence on their costumes. Therefore also that of her pink outfit is easily Sen
     A pair of goggles, a star makes her image became more ungainly
     With dark skin, Quynh Nga did not match color pink
     Pink if used on the way out design lacks modern features are vulnerable to "sen"
    But also at Quynh Nga cute and trendy
    Nhung Page
    It can be said Nhung page is one of those beautiful fashion style rather bump. Sometimes we caught her in the very fashionable outfit sexy, sensual but sometimes she is too like his gong for her turned into a young, innocent age and style that became very khap khieng, do not eat imported. The weakness of the page for the use of pink is not really the right time, right place.
     Pink ribbon "Support us" in the black dress she sported a very noble
     The whole plant makes pink pages but in fact "Sen shop"
     Accessory items such as flowers, red belts often misplaced
     But sometimes, she left many stunned by the beauty bright, cheerful. Pink lace dress with dotted tone combination is a concrete example
    Offset shoulder pink dress fashionably fresh and contemporary
    Dress studs stamping Verscace very attractive and stylish
     Red with silver is a duo worth learning from Nhung Page


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