Beauty secrets within 60 seconds

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  • Tuesday, December 27, 2011
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  • Beauty secrets within 60 seconds, Beauty, makeup, trang diem co ban, makeup quickly,Beauty is sometimes a difficult task because you have too little time in busy lives. However, it would be wrong if you skip a few basic steps to beauty every day.
    In skin care, makeup or hair always have the skills, tips to help you speed up, saving time. You can leave quickly without sacrificing image grooming than ever before.
    - Use chalk powder instead of cream or liquid as needed back-up or leisurely. Despite the different skin types suitable for different types of pollen, we agree that the powder is marked as the quickest and easiest, convenient to carry a back-up for the day. Also, avoid using sponge, brush used instead to provide a more natural effect.
    - If you use concealer before the foundation type, you should try to reverse this process if you're in a hurry. Coating can cause the top layer concealer fade, making you waste time with miles miles to go.
    - Do not forget to try catching the light in an important position to have a perfect face. Take time to begin negotiations on both sides of the ear if you force your hair up, so makeup will look more natural.
    - Use natural mineral powder for infants under arched eyebrows who will make your face more delicate immediately. As for eye makeup, invest in a pencil eyeliner does not fade.
    - If you want a perfectly sexy lips, eyeliner pen color is almost identical to the lipstick color (eg red-brown) will be the quickest cure for imperfections as lipstick.
    - Lemon juice will get you a western skin looks healthier in just minutes. Wash your face with lime water gives you a glowing skin, rapid healing and no scarring acne. But if you have sensitive skin, this will be easy to do mercy, even irritating to the skin surface. Just then, go get a cold stone massage in the affected skin to hide pores and allergies traces.
    - Hairdressing has always been one of the most time-consuming. Simple hairstyles like plaited hair effectively, forcing pony-tail, hair bun half or bending light will save you time. With the type tool to create simple as dropping strategy, you can make your bright looks up immediately.
    - The last word, hard to invest in high-end product is required to accelerate every day makeup.


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