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  • Sunday, December 25, 2011
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  • Modern eat live fishStudies show, eat a meal every week or more fish. This is useful for the prevention and treatment of high blood fats and coronary heart disease, and prevention of myocardial infarction and cerebral vascular accident.

    Eskimos living in the Arctic is hardly suffering from diabetes, coronary heart disease incidence is very low. Japan is a country with morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular lowest in the world.
    Through years of exploration, scientists discovered the main reason by the Eskimo and Japanese eat more fish. Why fish will reduce the incidence of coronary artery disease? Scientists discover fish oil, especially in marine fish, which contain unsaturated fatty acid chain n-3. Unsaturated fatty acids reduce blood lipid effects seen in the EPA (eicosapentacenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexenoic acid) reduced fatty acid, combined with blood cholesterol, "take" away the cholesterol from heart disease, which reduces platelet aggregation, reduced blood consistency, reduce total cholesterol and get rid of fat accumulation in heart disease, preliminary communication fibers, protecting blood vessels and increases blood flow, thereby preventing the cardiovascular disease ... as coronary artery disease.
    In fatty fish contain fatty acids inhibit the cancer cells. Surveys show that women coast of Japan rate breast cancer is lower than urban areas.
    Mark Croft professor of chemistry labs British brain nutrition through research discovered that DHA contained in fish oils are useful for the brain. In 1972, he proposed a theory that shocked the world "will disrupt the lack of DHA for brain development." Later, the Japanese scientists, UK, USA, France, Italy and Switzerland have conducted many scientific tests to prove this hypothesis. Over nearly 20 years of research, the scholar finally prove this theory by Professor Croft is right.
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    Fish rich in protein (15-20%), more high leverage ratio, easily digested than other types of chicken, duck, buffalo (cows), swine. (Artwork).
    Say, What is DHA? Besides fish, other foods containing DHA affordable, EPA?
    EPA, DHA is a fatty acid of high density, very important effect on the brain cells, especially the development of transmission and neural reflexes. To demonstrate the effect of DHA, the Japanese scientists designed the maze, the mouse experiment to find the source of water: one group of mice fed a diet containing 5% sadin fish oil (containing DHA), a group other rats fed diets containing palm oil (no DHA). Two groups of mice over a period of rearing, prior to 24 hours of discontinuing the test water. Then the mouse went into the maze, at the entrance to the water supply. Mice thirsty to drink water, looking for "flavors" of water by smell, but lost in the maze, not easy to find drinking water. As a result, groups of mice were fed a diet containing fish oil sadin found the water very quickly; rats fed diets containing palm oil ended up not finding water to drink. Test results have shown that DHA for the exploration, prediction, concentration and sense of smell have a significant effect.
    For children under 3 years old, the brain is in the process of development, certainly needs to absorb a lot of DHA. Although school-age children, the brain has developed, there needs to absorb a lot of the new DHA helps the brain nerve reflexes constantly evolving. Therefore, experts recommend at this stage to take the fish is the main menu. Professor Croft once pointed out: "DHA exists only in fish and clam shells." Therefore, eating fish regularly can absorb direct DHA efficiently.
    In addition, fish contains more protein (15-20%), more high leverage ratio, easily digested than other types of chicken, duck, buffalo (cows), swine. Amino acid composition of fish protein are consistent with the body's needs, is a good protein with high leverage ratio. In addition to containing more protein, the mineral content of fish is from 0.8 to 1.2%, is a food rich in calcium, iron ... and a certain amount of copper with other trace elements. Sea fish is iodine-rich foods, the liver contains many vitamins, especially vitamin A, D, B2 increasingly rich, very important for the elderly.


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