4S-Retina Hkphone promotional price is sold only 4.2 million

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  • Monday, February 27, 2012
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  • Although officially announced the price of the product is 6 million, but said Hkphone smartphones like iPhone 4S to 99% will be sold only 4.2 million of promotion on the occasion of the launch, with many attractive gifts.

     4S-Retina Hkphone officially launched on 27/2 with price promotions and great gifts.
    Accordingly, in addition to promotional price is only 4.2 million contract, customers will be offered unpleasing anti fingerprint screen 80,000 VND, 50,000 VND back wall, and 300,000 8GB memory card, 5 games and 5 application license worth $ 200,000, the total value up to 2.43 million promotional contract. This is the biggest promotion ever of Hkphone, held to within a half months, from 27/2 to 15/4.
    This distributor also said the current situation has emerged where some deliberate disturbance Hkphone product information 4S-Retina, but released no information to sell goods, or goods but not the right product Hkphone genuine. Therefore recommended Hkphone consumers should buy this product in the showroom or authorized agent of its official list is published on the website www.hkphone.com.vn , and the original warranty must bear the embossed brand logo Hkphone with the Android robot.
     Hkphone 4S-Retina is designed similar to 99% of iPhone 4S and processing quality fairly well.
    4S-Retina Hkphone point that is most public concern is the product use Retina Display 3.5-inch screen like the iPhone 4/4S, resolution reached 960 x 640 pixels. Retina Display with a very high pixel density for sharp image quality did passionate about technology for more than two years, now has been put into a cheap Android device.
    According to the official announcement of Hkphone, Hkphone 4S-Retina is designed similar to iPhone 4/4S to 99%, and processing quality rival iPhone 4S. This product uses the Android operating system version 2.3.6, with the graphical interface functions just like IOS, integrated with powerful processor MTK 6513 chip and chip speed 680MHz PowerVR SGX531 graphics, RAM 512MB, 512MB ROM for the ability to run applications smoothly, and I play heavy 3D games Gameloft's excellent. Also, the machine also has 8 megapixel camera with memory support up to 8GB.
    4S-Retina Hkphone show impressive performance through the ability to run applications and play the hit game requires speed and display quality high.
    Hkphone 4S-Retina Before the official launch, the online community has been speculating about the estimated prices, and most were satisfied with the price range from 6 to 6.5 million. Recorded in the Chinese market also showed a similar product cheaper price 6 million. However, at $ 4.2 million, Hkphone has again reiterated to the "minimum amount - the maximum benefit" that they hope to bring back to the client.


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