More evidence of a lie 'Next Top Model in New York'

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  • Monday, February 27, 2012
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  • With the show is not high fashion, which brings highly applicable in addition to the demonstration model is to do the advertising for the products of sponsors. Tuyet Lan and had to do this. 

    Over the past days the public still question whether or not the Lan Hoang Thuy and snow to attend New York Fashion Week (NYFW) list price, because of conflicting information flows continuously released from the audience that was lost the labyrinth. But most recently, there was evidence debunking the so-called International Show of BTC Vietnam's Next Top Model.
    The public still question the so-called International Show?
    The evidence first came shortly after BTC Vietnam's Next Top Model confirmed the performance of Tuyet Lan and Hoang Thuy are in the framework of NYFW at the press conference the afternoon of 23/2, while attached to a reporter member information correct citation NYFW and Couture Fashion Week show in the framework NYFW site.
    Many people have questioned the evidence shows site is reliable information channels?Since the official website of the New York Fashion Week is back for the show within the framework of this Fashion Week takes place from 9 - 16/2. And the names of two designers Korto Momolu (played on 13/2) and Laurel DeWitt (18/2), who were invited to name the names of two models Tuyet Lan and Hoang Thuy into place, as well as five designer Terry Stevens Michael Alan Stain, Jahi Fitzerrald, Barbara Bates, of Elie Kuame Emerge fashion show are not on the schedule of NYFW.
    Official website of NYFW
    On the official website of Couture Fashion Week (, does not have any information to suggest that Couture Fashion Week is a fashion event in the framework NYFW Fashion Week. Couture Fashion Week New York is a prestigious designer Andres Aquino founded out.
    2nd compelling evidence came as a newspaper publish an interview with the supermodel Jessica Minh Anh, a Vietnamese child of 15 newspapers around the world as the most talked about show of international caliber J Autumn Fashion Show on the bridge symbol of England. She is Director and fashion modeling company in the UK J Model Management. At the same time she was guest of the first major show Fashion Week London Fashion Week and is the only foreign representative in the contest judges at the Miss England final in 2010.
    The words of Jessica Minh Anh weight
    Jessica Minh Anh said: 'I've been involved performances in London Fashion Week and has performed at New York Fashion Week but I have never heard of the fashion show called Fashion Rocks Fame Week.
    Only the designer whose name is on the official website of the week, then their activities are referred to as the program located in the London Fashion Week. At New York Fashion Week as well. The formal design involved the collection performance in the week was widely publicized on the website of program.
    And those who are not on the official list, the show is not in their activities of New York Fashion Week.There are a number of fashion shows held in conjunction with NYFW but time does not mean that it belongs to the operation of NYFW. "
    Post this interview of Jessica Minh Anh has affirmed the first evidence is convincing. And most recently, a hot R blogger exposed information that BTC Vietnam's Next Top Model is Tuyet Lan made ​​haute couture show by Indian designers in the framework of NYFW. Hot blogger said collections of Indian designers are not high fashion and it is only for advanced applications. Therefore, the model shows the product after they have worked as a model for the products of sponsors for the show.
    This is not haute couture show
    With the show is not high fashion, but it would be applied in addition to high performance models also have a model for the ad's sponsors.
    Tuyet Lan stand for brand advertising sponsor
    Hot blogger said: 'In Tuyet Lan's show, I have some friends in America to see. Catwalk model, must go to a showcase of products to show donors that they have performed to make the ad. The model of this show, which has taken along with Snow Lan artist's paintings, energy drinks, perfume and a few other products. "With the clear evidence like this, perhaps, public opinion and fans are waiting for a move to convince from BTC Vietnam's Next Top Model.


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