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  • Tuesday, February 28, 2012
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  • Black gram continues to be the star world take advantage of the many diverse styles!
    Starting from the Nhe Hollywood! In Calabasas, guy  Justin Bieber  caught on the street with black costume dynamic tone, including blazers shirts, jeans hung comes with cobalt blue sports shoes stand out. He used more accessories are long metal necklace, which looks quite "manly" here instead!

    Long legs of the Victoria's Secret -  Alessandra Ambrosio  the street with belly but still looks pretty when wearing maxi dress holding pink nude courtesy, mix together jacket leather gray scarf thin and accessories are belts with sandal sunk ton-sur-ton.

    Actress  Cameron Diaz  youthful, dynamic with a white shirt, army jacket jeans combined with corn and high-heeled sandal feminine.

    Rihanna  tribute to the legendary  Elizabeth Taylor  as the long-sleeved T-shirt printed with fine late smart. She coordinated a map style with the black maxi skirt and high heels nude black-personality.

    Sang to Korea, she  Park Shin Hye  appearing at the airport with smooth white skirt, leather jackets fur lined interior and comes with tone black combat boots. However, this white dress made ​​her seem to look more chubby.

    Jang Geun Suk  is stylish and cool to the airport. The guy the "whole plant" dusty jeans with a thin towel and sunglasses frames in trendy leopard prints, comes pretty fancy-high boots.

    The guy  Yoo Ah In  New York New from returning to Korea. At the airport,  Ah In  the style appears robust, simple: it consists of white shirt, jeans, sports shoes with cloth caps. On the role of Ah In  has blue long-sleeved shirt and white guys stand out.

    Go to U.S. showbiz terms, second wife actress  Ma Yili  was fun walking down the street, they wear the same red jacket felt warm and dark pants.  Ma Yili  boots to add my husband is the actor's shoes robust operation.

    Yen Tu Huo  stylish at the airport preparing to Paris. Beauty wear inside the caro elongated shirt, outside a fur coat texture with black leggings and shoes pretty underground tanks.

    The amount also take  soy-ears equally well with black dresses and white two colors, including white shirt, leather jacket elongated, skinny jeans and ankle boots down to taste.


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